MD Merchant Club introduces MD Merchant Rebate Tracker!

With no money out of pocket, MD Merchant club can now put even more money in your pocket with Manufacturer rebate tracking.  With the products you already purchase, Powered by Alpha Links tracking, Our clients receive quarterly rebates!  Manufacturer rebates have no pressure on distributor pricing of the products you use.  Sign up today and start taking advantage of what long time restaurant owners have known for years.  Depending on the region, we also have distributor programs as well.  Let our experience help put more money in your pocket!

Member Benefits & Services

Credit Card Processing

Get approved here for MD Merchant Club Pricing or get a quote for any business.
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Gifts & Loyalty Cards

We Work with only  the best for the development of your branding.  Gift Card/Loyalty Programs will boost your bottom line and make sure you keep them coming.
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iPad base POS systems.

Its all the new technology that services your customer faster, accurate, portable, and self managable.  Operate at a fraction of the old days!!!
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Terminals & Equipment

Here you will find only the latest PCI Compliant equipment!  Touch screen display, ECM, EMV, and any of the machines that are will be required to accept cards with SIM Chips!
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