Rebate Tracking Form

Multi Unit Accounts

Group Purchasing Organization (GPO)

I am not aware of any other GPO food and beverage contracting relationships that are currently in effect. If any other affiliation is in place that I am not aware of, then those relationships are hereby terminated.
Participation in more than one GPO through a single foodservice distributor is strictly prohibited. Any purchases with a foodservice distributor not affiliated with another GPO will not qualify for the Alpha Links program.
If customer intends to have all purchases with any foodservice distributor qualify for our program, a copy of your termination letter to existing GPO must be provided to Alpha Links.

Direct Manufacturer Agreements

If you or any entity on your behalf has established direct manufacturer agreements for your operation and desires to remain on those programs, you must list them in the space below in order to inform those manufacturers of your intention to remain a direct-contracted party. Failure to disclose this information will acknowledge that you agree to participate in the Alpha Links program with all manufacturers not disclosed. You also agree to update Alpha Links of any additions/deletions to the program below:
Start Date
End Date

I am an authorized agent, owner or employee of the above Business and Acknowledge that I have the authority to enter into a participation agreement with Alpha Links and, to the best of my knowledge, all information provided is correct. If Alpha Links should discover that the information provided is not correct, Alpha Links has the right to cancel or amend our participation in any and all programs. Alpha Links will not issue checks to member if the amount is less than thirty dollars ($50.00). PLEASE NOTE: Your rebate check(s) may be issued quarterly, semi-annually or annually depending on your participation.

I acknowledge that any current programs we desire to continue through a direct relationship have been disclosed, and I understand that we will not be allowed to participate in the Alpha Links program as it pertains to those manufacturers. Further, if it is discovered that a program exists that was not disclosed above, we authorize Alpha Links to allow us to remain on the Alpha Links program and will cancel said direct agreements within 5 business days. I agree that in the event of non-disclosure of any direct manufacturer programs that result in a 'double-dip' situation, reconciliation may occur.

By signing this form, I authorize the above distributor(s) to provide regular, timely reporting of purchase transaction data for our locations to Alpha Links for the purpose of price deviations, rebate tracking and volume allowance opportunity analysis. I understand that at times, Alpha Links may engage third party processors in order to maximize my rebates and savings I agree to and acknowledge that Alpha Links will receive financial consideration for the administration of this program from certain program providers based on my participation.

I hereby agree on my own behalf and/or as an authorized agent of member, to hold Alpha Links, its affiliates, and their respective successors and assigns harmless from any and all claims, suits, causes of action, which may be asserted against them and any judgments, damages, or losses arising either directly or indirectly from my membership in Alpha Links and/or receipt of benefits as a member thereof. Termination of membership will be effective upon thirty (60) days' written noticed from member. All rebates will expire as of the written notice date.