Gift & Loyalty Cards

Keeping your customers after you get them

Keeping business after you’ve grown and expanded can sometimes be difficult , with new businesses creating new methods of reeling in new customers and convincing old diners to return. The question is, what should make them want to come back? Offering loyalty and gift cards is a perfect incentive to drive customers right back to your doors. Not only will it increase revenue for your business, but it will allow customers to have something to look forward to while enjoying a meal at their favorite restaurant.  With pricing and flexibility being such a confusing aspect of gift and loyalty services, let us help you understand how to get the services you want and keep the flexibility to transition in the future.  

We offer a variety of these services and how they are delivered and can be broken into three different options with how to provide to your customers.  

1.  POS Based gift and loyalty:  

This process is completed by the POS provider in which all data is stored on device.  Good for single location design and if you don’t think you will ever change your POS company.  If you venture in to this type of program, make sure that you have access to database in the event that you would like to change.  

2.  Merchant services gift and loyalty

This is where the merchant services company will maintain the database of the gift cards and process them for a monthly fee and/or small transaction fee.  With it being common place to change service providers in this field, be prepared to stay loyal to your current provider as getting the active cards transferred to a new provider is difficult if not impossible.  

3.  Third party Gift and loyalty

In most cases, third party is not for many small businesses as it just doesn’t show its value till you expanding and multi location setups.  If you are building a concept that you believe will grow and change, having the third party allows you change with the times.  Most of these companies will specialize in this field as multi location and Franchise locations become complicated.  They have the ability to work on multi platforms and operate and with different styles of funding.  With multi location operations, declaring and moving money has to have more insight to the future of your business.  Major chains for protection purposes do what is called Corporate pooling.  This is setup to maintain funds in a corporate account until funds are redeemed.  Then the location will be distributed the funds from the main account.  Location pooling of funds will have location hold funds until redeemed and then distributed to accepting location.  Multi location with same ownership are good with this as there is no concern for a location failure to pay on money held.  

We will help you understand the best solution for you!