About Us

For several years now, we have been working with many local and franchise restaurants that were under constant bombardment of call and promises to deliver the best service and lowest price. With staff that have long term understanding of what business owners need, we have developed a program and support team that is sure to show our club members the ins and outs of merchant services.  While the calls have not stopped, the piece of  mind our clientele now has with knowing they are getting the best of both worlds is why we have an attrition rate less that 1%.  Customers don’t leave us, they RETIRE.

Our Business Model is based on good customer service.  Most Merchant service sales teams are strictly driven to make the sale and move to the next trying to make as much as they can with knowing that they will probably never take your call after the first bill.  Our team is dedicated to service and are under no quota for bringing on new customers.  We challenge our staff to make sure they keep the ones they have.  Our best advertising is you the customer!

While we can and will help any customer, we cater to your needs and reward the customer for all the hard work that you have put to become a Million Dollar Merchant in this climate.